College Admission Advising

Kenneth Gregg College Advising

This is a very exciting time for young adults, with many options and tremendous stress and anxiety. I can help you reduce stress, stay focused and motivated and enjoy the process of gaining admission to a college that is right for you. I believe that there are many fine colleges/universities for everyone and that the more you know about them, the more likely you will find a good fit.

Having worked with students who returned home after their first experience in college did not work out, I understand the importance of comprehensive and thoughtful college advising.  Helping young adults adapt to these situations and re-start, without feeling ashamed, is an important aspect  of my work with students.

I can help you manage anxiety and stress while learning about your college options and developing your plans for further education.

I provide expertise in:

  • Understanding your learning style and goals for college
  • Understanding your unique situation after High School
  • Reviewing High School coursework for college readiness
  • Providing application and essay guidance
  • Developing a list of target colleges which are appropriate
  • Counseling throughout the admissions process including with college visits
  • Helping to evaluate options after acceptance