Psychotherapy Services

Kenneth Gregg Counseling

I provide psychotherapy at my convenient office on Solano Avenue in Albany, California.  I see people both for short-term counseling and for longer-term needs. Together, we will discuss your unique situation and how to approach the issues you want to address. My goal is always to help you achieve your goals.  I can help you deepen your self-knowledge in order to make better choices.  Also, I can help you develop the skills to feel better in your current situation.

I have expertise in the following areas:

Relationship problems: finding and keeping meaningful relationships, deciding if existing relationships are working for you, addressing problematic relationships.  Psychotherapy can help you learn about yourself and your needs and help you evaluate if your needs are being met in your relationships.  Our work together can help you be more assertive with others.

Depression and Anxiety: extensive experience helping people minimize symptoms and learn effective techniques to feel better. Together we will map out a plan to help you feel better.  I can collaborate with your MD if needed.

Work Stress and Occupational challenges: managing job stress and learning to have balance in your life.  Psychotherapy can help you perform at your best, while being clear about your priorities at work and away from work.

Adjustment problems and Post Traumatic Stress: learning to adapt and cope with significant events in your life. Recovery takes time and a supportive place to heal.  Psychotherapy can help you recover faster, while strengthening your ability to handle challenges in the future.

Grief and Loss: psychotherapy provides a safe place to grieve and recover.  I understand that grief is deeply personal and that a therapist can help in different ways than family and friends.

Coping with medical conditions: with years of experience working in health care settings, I can help you understand how best to cope with illness and communicate your needs to others, including to your healthcare providers.