Kenneth Gregg Reviews

“From our first meeting, Ken was focused on my needs and goals not only academically, but as a person entering a new stage of life. He took time to get to know me and helped me find schools that I could love and thrive at. Ken’s guidance, wisdom, and perceptiveness made me feel confident and at ease throughout the process of selecting and applying to colleges.”
– Transfer student, Albany, CA

“I called Ken Gregg, on my daughter’s behalf, knowing that he was a very experienced therapist who had begun to offer teens and young adults college counseling. Ken is the perfect “coach” or guide”. Ken is intuitive, thoughtful and kind and he combines his natural compassion with many years of experience as a therapist.

I knew Ken already understood young people and the psychological pressure they feel during the transition to adulthood. I thought he would be perfect to work with my daughter, who was a great student, but had gone through a difficult time and was struggling with disorganization and feeling overwhelmed with the whole admission process. He helped her get started and was great at keeping her on track and meeting deadlines by giving her small weekly tasks and checking up on her. My daughter felt very supported and his guidance greatly reduced her stress (and mine) during the whole process.

My daughter was delighted to be accepted at the college she most wanted to attend and she also gained some valuable organizational skills and self-confidence along the way.  I could not have been happier with the services Ken provided during this crucial period in my daughter’s life. Working with Ken, was one of the best things I could have done to launch our daughter into the next phase of her life.”
– Parent, Albany, CA